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Getting ₹5000 Airbnb Coupon Code

Getting the ₹5000 Airbnb discount is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is click the link below, start a new account and you’ll get a ₹5000 INR credit coupon codes for free. In this blog, I’m not only going to tell you about the ₹5000 coupon Airbnb is offering. I’m also going to share other ways to save money while booking a place on Airbnb every time.

How To Use The Airbnb Coupon Code

Once you’ve clicked the Airbnb coupon code link above and you set up a new Airbnb account with an email that’s not been used to create another account, the ₹5000 INR Airbnb coupon will automatically be added to your account.

After getting the coupon via email, go on the Airbnb app or website, enter your dates and pick a place to stay or an experience. Then, from the listing click “Reserve”. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged yet. In the next screen you will see your coupon subtracted from the total cost as “Credits”. So you pay rest of the amount or maybe no amount at all if the listing price is less than the credit.

If you’re on mobile, then after you create a new account and get your Airbnb coupon, you’ll see it appear by where it lists the nightly rate, but you’ll only see it when you’re looking at a specific property. If you don’t see it at the top, click on the menu (your profile image) and then click the “Invite Your Friends” link.

If you don’t get your Airbnb promo code after clicking the discount link, please contact Airbnb as there is likely an issue with your device or perhaps you already have an Airbnb account, in which case the Airbnb promo code won’t work.

Other Ways For Saving Money On Airbnb

While the Airbnb coupon is a great way to instantly save ₹4000 INR on your next booking and ₹1000 INR off an experience, there are other ways to save money on the platform. The people who run Airbnb have a some hidden features that you won’t know about, but can save you a lot of money when making a booking via Airbnb.

1. Book a Longer Stay

Long-stay discounts are automatically added to Airbnb rentals and the owners of the listings are able to tweak the amount of the Airbnb discount. If you book a place for a week, there’s often a discount of up to 20% off the nightly rate (on an avg.), while if you book for 1 month or more, you’ll get a monthly discount that often surpasses 35% or even more (on an avg.).

2. Ask The Owner For An Airbnb Discount

This is a feature that very few users know about. The platform actually allows hosts to add a special price for anyone who books their property. All you have to do is ask. When selecting a property on the website, You’ll see a button that says “Contact Host”. You can simply message the host and ask them to offer you an Airbnb discount.

Perhaps you’re staying for 4 nights and the weekly discount doesn’t appear, or the place is just a little bit out of your budget. Many a times, the host would rather have you stay for a little bit less, rather than losing the booking. Try sending them a message and ask for an Airbnb discount! It might work out. 🙂

3. Use The Kitchen To Cook For Yourself

One of the best parts about booking on Airbnb instead of a hotel, is that most of the times you get your own kitchen while you travel. Take advantage of this and save money by cooking for yourself. Even if you just eat breakfast and have tea/coffee there and then eat lunch and dinner out, this can save you money for overall stay.

4. Become a Host & Earn Extra Money

Okay, so you’re not actually earning any Airbnb coupon for becoming a host, but you can earn quite a bit of money by renting out your place. If you travel a lot, why not put your place up on Airbnb and earn some extra income? Maybe you have some extra space/rooms/property that you can rent out.

Becoming a host is easy and you can quickly go through the sign-up process. Airbnb will help you through the steps of listing your property like picking a “home type”, “room type”, “occupancy” and the city your property is listed in. Once you’re done, after a verification step you’ll be able to earn an income from Airbnb. They’ll even show you a calculator to guess how much you can list your room / property for and how much you can expect to earn per night, per week, and per month.

5. Share & Get An Airbnb Coupon

Now that you’ve received your Airbnb coupon code and you saved ₹4000 INR from your first booking on the account, it’s time to get your own Airbnb discount codes. All you have to do is share Airbnb with your friends.

Just like I’m sharing with you, you can also email or message your friends and tell them to use your link to sign-up for a new Airbnb account and get an Airbnb coupon. When someone signs up using your code, they’ll get ₹4000 INR and you’ll get a credit as well. How cool is that? It’s kind of like a pay it forward type scenario.

To give your friends an Airbnb coupon and to get an Airbnb coupon yourself, you just have to login to your account, click on your profile picture and then click ‘Account’. On the account page, click on Invite friends and then share that link with your friends.


Visiting Prague in Winters? Things You Should Know.

Prague can be tough in winters but it is equally dreamy with snow. I was thinking about a trip to Prague for a while and was delaying it a few times already, but the last January I decided to just go and explore in winters anyway. I was sceptical initially until I went. In the end, it was a good decision and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I decided to pen down how it’s like to be in Prague and also what are the perks in the winter months.

1. Less Crowd

Good news is, there will be way fewer people! You can have a gala time enjoying a walk at the Charles bridge or taking all your time at the magnificent Prague castle.

Prague Castle From Charles Bridge
Prague Castle From Charles Bridge

2. Low Prices

The hotels will be at slashed prices during the off-season if you visit in January. You can look up for a suitable hostel/Airbnb or a hotel, which will be most likely to be a lower price barring Christmas and New year times. I got a steal deal at a hostel for 8 Euros a night with breakfast. 😀

3. Enjoy a Dreamy Getaway

Winters can be difficult in Prague and temperature can really go very low. But this also means a good amount of snowfall which makes everything in the city dreamy. The houses, walkways, bridges everything will be all covered in the white blanket of snow.

4. What to Pack?

Lots of layers and layers, warm jackets, all winter essentials likes caps, scarfs, gloves. Good and warm walking shoes and a pair of boots is essential to explore the city comfortably.

5. Shorter Opening Timings

It is important to check the winter timings for the attractions, important monuments, museums and walking tours. There are activities which open for shorter duration or remain closed during the offseason.

6. Decide What You Want to do When You Get There

Do your research beforehand which is suitable for the weather you are planning for. Indoor activities could a great option for the evenings. There are lots of museums that open till late at night. Consider the National Film Museum, The National Gallery, and the Apple Museum which hosts 450+ Apple products to date.  More unusual museums that may be more popular among bachelor parties in Prague include the Sex Machines Museum and the Prague Beer Museum.

Take your pick and decide which ones you fancy.  Sipping hot chocolate or coffee while the world goes by will definitely be one leisurely activity while you are enjoying your time there.

7. Indulge in Seasonal Czech Food

Choose from zelňačka (traditional cabbage soup), Guláš (goulash), mulled wine served piping hot with cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg to warm you up to explore the magical city more. You can also opt for an eating tour to know some hidden gems in the city.

I must admit, the options for a vegetarian are very limited, and for a vegan traveller like me has to settle down what is possibly available.

Humble Aglio Olio Pasta
Humble Aglio Olio Pasta
Cinnamon Chimney Cake
Cinnamon Chimney Cake

8. Take a Walk on the Charles Bridge

The dreamy Charles bridge, straight out of the medieval times – decorated with 30 statues of saints (now replaced by replicas). It is one of the busy places in Prague and at any time of the day, you will see it bustling with tourists. It had been an important mean to cross the Vltava river and connect the old town with other prominent areas of Prague.

Charles Bridge Prague
Charles Bridge

9. Visit Prague Castle – Take the Golden Lane Tour and Medieval Prison Tour

Admit it, Prague castle is the number one thing that every tourist do when they visit Prague. It is in a very big complex, built in the 9th century and hosts multiple buildings, museums, cathedral and a prison. It is the largest ancient castle in the world. It also has the official office to the president of the Czech republic. You will need at least 3 hours to explore it.

Vladislav Hall, Prague Castle
Vladislav Hall
Residence Entrance of the President of Czech Republic
Residence Entrance of the President of Czech Republic

Take the ticket to see the buildings and museums from inside, it will also include the entry to Golden lane tour which shouldn’t be missed. It is a lane of tiny and colourful homes on displaying how life was for people who lived in those tiny homes. It has a lot of stuff on display to create a scene that will take you to medieval times.

Golden Lane in Prague Castle
Golden Lane in Prague Castle

Also, don’t miss the prison tour – it can be quite brutal to watch the ways, the prisoners were treated but a must watch to experience.

Medieval Prison in the Castle
Medieval Prison in the Castle

10. St. Vitus Cathedral

Prague castle also is the home to St. Vitus Cathedral, which is a prominent example of Gothic architecture and is the largest and most important church in the country. It contains the tombs of many Bohemian kings and Roman emperors. You would be surely awed by the aura and the beauty of this ancient church with a brilliant architecture.

11. Old Town Square and Prague Astronomical Clock

This is the place to enjoy beautiful evenings and usually, all walking tours start from the old town square. The Old town square has multiple buildings with historical significance – art museum, churches, oldest working astronomical clock. This clock was installed in 1410, it is the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world. There is a tower in the Old Town Hall which is open to the visitors and you can experience panoramic views of the Old Town. Old Town square is also known for splendid Christmas market, it was ranked 10th best in the world by CNN recently.

Old Town Square at Night, Prague
Old Town Square at Night
Oldest Running Astrological Clock Prague
Astrological Clock

In short, whatever time you choose; Prague will be gorgeous all year round and there won’t be enough time to submerge in the beauty of this town. Do let me know how did your Prague winter trip went. 🙂


Barcelona Guide: Famous Places To Visit

This blog post is a round up of tips and tricks for a perfect weekend in Barcelona. This year, I finally decided not to return from Europe without travelling to Barcelona. Although it was a very long bus ride with a one-day stop in Geneva, it was the best possible option in terms of time, budget and convenience.

I reached Barcelona early in the morning and I was so excited to see Sagrada Familia that I decided to walk with my backpack to see it even before checking in my hostel. It is not too far from the main bus station, so if you want to do this as the first thing when you hit Barcelona. I decided to book a preferred slot online for the next day. I spent a few minutes near Sagrada Familia and then took a metro to my hostel. I was staying in a hostel very close to Paral-lel metro station, which had great connectivity everywhere. Here is the first tip: buy yourself a Hola Barcelona travel card. It gives you unlimited metro/bus rides. It will be a great deal!

Here is the list of places to visit in Barcelona:

1. La Rambla

I checked into the hostel and had good breakfast and ventured out to La Rambla. It is the most happening street for Barcelona but also quite infamous for pickpocketing, so beware! It is a very good place for hanging out, eating good food and souvenir shopping!

La Rambla Street Barcelona
La Rambla Street

2. Mirador de Colom

It is just at the end of La Rambla Street towards the seaport. It is a statue dedicated to Christopher Columbus to honour his first voyage to the Americas. It is a good architecture to spend some time around the area.

Mirador De Colom Barcelona
Mirador De Colom
Port Vell, Barcelona
Port Vell

3. Gothic Quarters

It is not only the centre of the city but also the oldest part of Barcelona. It runs parallel to La Rambla Street. There are quite a lot of old walls and structures, which were a part of the Roman village. I found Gothic village very charming, although even with such an off-season, it was full of tourists. It is worth spending a few hours, slowly walking, getting lost and eating out in the cafes. Few notable places to look up are: Cathedral de Santa Eulalia, Placa del Rei, Picasso Museum, Iglesia de Santa Maria del Pi.

Bridge of Sighs Barcelona
Old Roman Wall in Gothic Quaters Barcelona
Old Roman Wall in Gothic Quarters
Ancient Roman Gate Barcelona
Ancient Roman Gate

4. Placa de Catalunya

After this much of walking, you can relax your feet while sipping on some coffee at this place. It is quite a big square where the old city of gothic quarter meets the new Barcelona. It is known for its fountains and statues. It is quite a busy square with a big metro station underneath. A good place to spend some evening time or while you are deciding where to go next.

Placa de Catalunya, Barcelona
Placa de Catalunya Fountain
Placa de Catalunya Barcelona
Placa de Catalunya Night View

5. Sagrada Familia

Or Should I say ‘The Sagrada Familia’? First things first – please book the ticket with preferred slot online from the official website. It was the building for which I travelled to Barcelona. I wanted to witness the grandeur of the basilica, which is under construction from 1882 and is set to complete with 2026 – in 144 years; marking Antoni Gaudi’s 100th death anniversary. This is the number one place to see in Barcelona. The architecture is based on the forest as a theme. With brilliant use of natural light on painted glass windows, the whole experience is enchanting. The pillars are depicted as trees reaching out to the sky. Opting to the option of entrance ticket to the basilica, tower along with audio guide is recommended; which costs 32 euros.

Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia Front View
Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia Back View

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6. Park Guell

This is a beautiful park, which is again a very famous tourist destination in Barcelona. An exemplary example of Catalan modernism, this UNESCO world heritage site doesn’t fail to impress how basic things are used/recycled to create beautiful structures. Entering to the paid area of the park is optional but I bet you would be tempted. The entry ticket to Park Guell is 8 euros. Again online booking with the preferred slot is recommended. I would suggest visiting the park in the morning so that you can beat the crowd and enjoy the greenery of the park.

Overlooking from Park Guell
Overlooking from Park Guell
Park Guell Main Area
Park Guell Main Area

7. Aquarium Barcelona

I think it is quite an underrated place in Barcelona. It is located in the Port Vell. It has a lot of different species of fishes, sharks, penguins etc. It also has an oceanarium with a moving walkway. It will take around 2 – 3 hours and will cost 20 euros. I found this place very interesting to know the marine life. Don’t miss watching the short documentary by National Geographic.

8. Barcelona Beach

Every day is a beach day! Barcelona also offers nice and clean beaches for a day of relaxing. It is a long stretch of white sand and clean water. It is one of the top attractions among locals and tourists, especially in summers. It is easily accessible with buses and metro and is perfect to spend some time since it is next to all major attractions of Barcelona.

Barcelona Beach
Barcelona Beach

9. Dig into Spanish Food

Go local! Dig into Batata Bravas, gulp as much as Sangria you can along with Spanish Paella. There is a wide variety of Tapas aka bar finger food that is served in the Spanish pubs. Join the evening pub crawls that happen at many places in the city.

Honestly, I fell in love with Barcelona. This place has so much to offer – be it backpackers, history junkies, beach bums, and families with children. There is something for everyone.

A 3 Days South Tyrol Experience

Places to see and things to do in South Tyrol, Italy especially during summer.

So while I was on my work trip to Heidelberg, I thought of meeting some friends in Northern Italy. It was a tricky travel but I still thought to go for it. I looked up for the best possible train combination, which meant 3 connections to Innsbruck and then another train to Brixen – the final destination. Although I was a little sceptical, I thought to book this option, which had just a 4 min gap for the next connection. To my horror, I missed it and found myself stranded on a very small station. Combined with a bank holiday, there was nobody to even inquire what to do next. But I found a very kind lady who helped me. Being a German herself, she jokingly said – it is quite common to miss connections in Germany. Only Swiss and Austrian trains run on time. 😀 😛

So finally I got the final train to Innsbruck via Munich. On reaching Innsbruck, my lunch plans got cancelled. The whole town was closed due to a bank holiday. Finally, after spending a full day trying to reach Brixen, I was there at 6 pm – to this view.

Mountains in Brixen
Mountains in Brixen

My dinner was a typical delicacy from the region: Canederli, which are dumplings made with cheese and leftover bread. It is classic from South Tyrol which felt like a comfort food. With a round of chai with my hosts, I dozed off to sleep.

Knodel Dumplings
Knodel Dumplings

So primarily, apart from stuffing myself, I went to three touristic places:

Pragser Wildsee lake

Next morning was a bright sunny day, a perfect day for some hiking! We went to the very gorgeous Pragser Wildsee lake. It is a good 15 mins walk from the parking and a narrow pathway will take you to the beautiful crystal clear turquoise water enclosed by lush green forest and mighty mountains. It is approximately 3.5 km trail around the lake with lots of ups and downs. It is a good place to spend even an entire day during summers. This was the most beautiful lake I had ever seen.

Pragser Wildsee Lake
Pragser Wildsee Lake

Panaromic View at Pragser Wildsee lake
Panoramic View at Pragser Wildsee lake

Turquoise Water in the Lake Pragser Wildsee
Turquoise Water in the Lake

With spaghetti and some pizza for the lunch, we headed to Bruneck for some more food therapy. Bruneck is the largest and quite old town in the region. It is a charming place with lanes of Cafes and stores.


After coming back to Brixen, I also got the opportunity to see the ongoing water light festival which was a treat to the eyes! Lighting installations and performances at the city’s water sources drew attention to the precious resource of water. I had so much fun till midnight watching the light installs and drinking some very good wine at a winery.


Vitis Winery, Brixen

Cathedral of Brixen

Next day morning I went back to the downtown again to walk around. It was another beautiful day. I spent quite some time looking inside the Cathedral of Brixen, especially at the cloister. It is a symbolic place for the roman and gothic style of art in the region. You can also buy handmade wooden watches in the town.

Cathedral of Brixen
Cathedral of Brixen

Painted Cloister in Brixen Cathedral
Painted Cloister in Brixen Cathedral

Brixon Town
Brixen Town

Franzensfeste Fortress

After spending some time in the town, I went to see franzensfeste fortress. It is a masterpiece of Austrian military construction, and it’s absolutely shell proof. Unfortunately, it lost it’s significant even before it got inaugurated in 1838. While it was still under construction, war techniques changed which made the whole initiative look meaningless and just a costly affair.  Being the largest in the Alps, this is a very interesting place to visit. At the departure of the army after 170 years, it is finally open for public since 2005. Now, it hosts; a lot of permanent and sometimes some temporary exhibits too. The 451 steps stairway, officer’s mess, Emporer’s villa and a chapel are some things to look at. It even has an artificial lake at the back. Overall, it is a great place to know the strategies of the Austrian army under Emperor Franz which eventually fell in the Italian army region without any war!

Panaroma View of Franzensfeste Fortress
Panorama View of Franzensfeste Fortress



After so much of walking around and historic overload, some pizza again came for rescue. It is interesting how many toppings and variant the pizza can be served with, along with some chilli infused olive oil which I never knew before. Somehow this trip actually became so much about food and chilling out with friends.


But with these three days that I spent in south Tyrol made me realise that it is surely very much under-rated for tourism. Wherever I went, it was absolutely scenic and gorgeous views of the Alp mountains, apple orchards and vineyards. After all this sightseeing, food therapy and laughter, I took a flight back home to India from Munich which is 3 hrs drive from Brixen.

Beautiful South Tyrol

With Lovely Isy, Alex and Lars
With Lovely Isy, Alex and Lars

A Day Spent Running Around in Rome!

What to see in one day in Rome. A summary to make the best of Rome.

How would it feel if you get to know that the place for which you kept just one day was actually worth at least 3? This is what exactly I felt when I was in the middle of my day tour in Rome. This blog post of mine is exactly for the same reason, to tell you that you have to have more time in hand to feel the place. Although I did manage to see most of the beautiful places in Rome along with Vatican Museum tour in the same day I still have that itchy feeling which was refraining me from writing this well-deserved blog post since long. Anyways but I must say I still had a very delightful day clubbed with some humane experiences during my time in Rome.

So I reached at 6 in the morning via Flix bus from Venice and it was still little dark so I decided to the best thing at the time – have some cappuccino along with Bomboloni since it was my last day in Italy. Bomboloni is an Italian doughnut filled with lots of Nutella (Which was actually too much for my palate) and powdered sugar coating. Once it was brighter, I made my way to inquire about the day tours at the nearby metro station (Tiburtina). You can freshen up at this metro station for 1 euro and then can decide to opt for a day pass for unlimited rides to metro or can opt for hop-in hop-off double-decker buses which take you to all the sightseeing areas along with a guided audio tour.

Cappuchino and Bombolini
Cappuccino and Bombolini

Anyone who has less time in hand and wants to do a carefree tour should opt for these hop-in hop-off double-decker buses. I did the same thing in Paris and that was a good decision too. You get these buses near the central railway station – Termini. I took a metro ticket and it was not easy. I couldn’t get into the first metro, which came due to too much crowd of office rush hours. I almost felt like boarding metro at Rajiv Chowk, New Delhi 😀


So after boarding the bus from Termini, I went to the world famous Colosseum which is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city. It is the largest Amphitheater ever built during 70-80 AD. It is said to be able to accommodate 50 thousand to 80 thousand spectators. It is one of the most iconic buildings in Rome, standing tall since ages with earthquakes and overtime weathering. It still looks magnificent and is a living storyteller of the Roman empire.

Colosseum in Rome, Italy
Colosseum Interior

Temple of Antoninus and Faustina:

Also, the temple of Antoninus and Faustina which is inside the Roman forum was dedicated to Antoninus and his wife Faustina but then got converted into a Roman Catholic church later. The Arch of Constantine is a triumphal arc, which is also very close to the Colosseum and worth a quick visit. Being naïve in architecture, I found it quite similar to Arc De Triumph of Paris.

Temple of Antoninus and Faustina
Temple of Antoninus and Faustina
Arch of Constantine, Rome

Theatre of Marcellus and Circus Maximus:

I also saw Theatre of Marcellus while sitting on the bus, it is a semicircle in structure. Interestingly it is older than the Colosseum but its popularity declined with time after Colosseum and Circus Maximus were built which had better event and were capable of holding a bigger audience.  Next, I got down at the next stop – Circo Massimo or Circus Maximus which is an ancient Roman chariot racing stadium in ancient Rome with a very big open area covered in grass and trees which looks perfect for a lazy afternoon book reading or for just enjoying the sun.

Circus Maximus
Circus Maximus

Ponte Sant’Angelo:

The bridge – Ponte Sant’Angelo over river Tiber that leads you to the Castel Sant’Angelo and eventually to St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Ponte Sant’Angelo was constructed in 134 AD for the pilgrims to reach the basilica. This bridge is a marvel of beauty and architecture. It has statues of 10 angels, which were sculpted by different artists. I wasn’t too interested in the Castel Sant’Angelo and was short on time too so I made my way straight to the Vatican City. Be careful when you cross roads in Rome in general, quite a lot of times traffic signals are not followed and a fast moving car can ram you.

Castle Sant Angelo
Castle Sant Angelo
Ponte Sant Angelo
Ponte Sant Angelo

Vatican City:

On reaching the Vatican City you will see a lot of tour guides offering you ‘skip the line’ and ‘guided tour’ of the Sistine Chapel and Vatican museum. Don’t feel bad in bargaining since they try to overcharge. I paid 40 euros after bargaining from 50 euros for a guided tour of Vatican museum, Sistine Chapel and the basilica. I almost felt like bargaining for a Hindu ritual in Varanasi. 😛 😛

St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City
St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City
St. Peter's Square, Vatican City
St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City

The guide was quite good and knowledgeable but at times I found him biased towards Christianity (which is quite natural to him I must say). But the annoying thing was he was referring to other religions in a quite disrespectful way. Looking at the number of instances I see now on social media of such sort, it looked quite a routine. Focusing on the interiors I had many Ahaa moments with beautiful sights, sculptures and painting. I will let the pictures do the talking for the interiors which I am sure is a treat to the eyes for art lovers.

Interestingly, there were two things, which I found little misfit and got no answers from the guide too. Two bronze peacock statues (I mean Peacocks are only found in the Indian subcontinent, why on earth there will be peacock statues inside the Vatican) and another big box like thing that had Indians painted on it. Let me know if anyone of you has the answers.

Peacocks inside the Vatican garden
Vatican Museum

Few other clicks of the Vatican city:

Vatican City Wall
Vatican City Wall
Vatican Museum Entrance
Vatican Museum Entrance
Pope's balcony in Vatican city
Pope’s balcony in Vatican city

Spanish Steps:

It was already late afternoon so I decided to hop on the bus again to see Spanish steps. The Spanish Steps are a set of steps for climbing a steep slope between the Piazza di Spagna at the base and Piazza Trinità dei Monti. It was the most crowded place that I saw that day. It was difficult to click pictures too but I managed a few not-so-perfect shots. By now I was running short of time and hopped on the bus again just to see the monuments while sitting on the bus. Here are a few clicks:

Spanish Steps Rome
Spanish Steps Rome

I got down at the termini again and did some Souvenirs shopping; spotted a Gelati shop. While in Italy you ought to have one, right? So this shop was actually quite old, it was run by the third generation. It was in existence even before world war 2 and then resumed once everything was normal. A friendly chat with the owner and I got to know their legacy. One quick info – cafes in Italy have two prices for everything, one for taking away and one for sitting and eating.

I was so exhausted by now that I even couldn’t remember the metro station I have to go to 😀 But with some explanation, I got to know the name and was sorted for some time. But while chatting with some locals I was almost dead to know that Rome has two international airports and my air ticket had no mention of which one I have to go to. I was shit scared since I even had no Internet on my phone. Looking at my pale face same guys helped me in figuring that out too. So I got to know that all the flights going to Asia fly from Fiumicino. It is another town close to the sea which is at least a 40 mins metro ride from Termini so you should plan accordingly. With all this last minute information I just made it to the airport with a strange mixture of being silly and bit careless in a foreign land. It was an eventful day with so much to look at, explore and soak all I had were 12 hours.

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