AIRBNB Coupon FOR 2021 – Up To ₹ 5000 Discount

Tip: You should log-out if you have an existing Airbnb account before clicking the button below. You will have to create a new Airbnb account with a new email to get this ₹5000 Airbnb Coupon.

Airbnb Coupon Code: Get up to ₹5000 INR off on your first booking.

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This Airbnb coupon codes are for everyone. It’s a referral program that the Airbnb is running to inspire people to use their platform. This is an Airbnb coupon code in India and worldwide, so it will work wherever you’re accessing it from.

Every Airbnb promotion code is for ₹5000 INR (or the equivalent in your local currency). To get the full ₹5000 INR Airbnb coupon, you can book accommodation and an experience.

Getting ₹5000 Airbnb Coupon Code

Getting the ₹5000 Airbnb discount is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is click the link below, start a new account and you’ll get a ₹5000 INR credit coupon codes for free. In this blog, I’m not only going to tell you about the ₹5000 coupon Airbnb is offering. I’m also going to share other ways to save money while booking a place on Airbnb every time.

How To Use The Airbnb Coupon Code

Once you’ve clicked the Airbnb coupon code link above and you set up a new Airbnb account with an email that’s not been used to create another account, the ₹5000 INR Airbnb coupon will automatically be added to your account.

After getting the coupon via email, go on the Airbnb app or website, enter your dates and pick a place to stay or an experience. Then, from the listing click “Reserve”. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged yet. In the next screen you will see your coupon subtracted from the total cost as “Credits”. So you pay rest of the amount or maybe no amount at all if the listing price is less than the credit.

If you’re on mobile, then after you create a new account and get your Airbnb coupon, you’ll see it appear by where it lists the nightly rate, but you’ll only see it when you’re looking at a specific property. If you don’t see it at the top, click on the menu (your profile image) and then click the “Invite Your Friends” link.

If you don’t get your Airbnb promo code after clicking the discount link, please contact Airbnb as there is likely an issue with your device or perhaps you already have an Airbnb account, in which case the Airbnb promo code won’t work.

Other Ways For Saving Money On Airbnb

While the Airbnb coupon is a great way to instantly save ₹4000 INR on your next booking and ₹1000 INR off an experience, there are other ways to save money on the platform. The people who run Airbnb have a some hidden features that you won’t know about, but can save you a lot of money when making a booking via Airbnb.

1. Book a Longer Stay

Long-stay discounts are automatically added to Airbnb rentals and the owners of the listings are able to tweak the amount of the Airbnb discount. If you book a place for a week, there’s often a discount of up to 20% off the nightly rate (on an avg.), while if you book for 1 month or more, you’ll get a monthly discount that often surpasses 35% or even more (on an avg.).

2. Ask The Owner For An Airbnb Discount

This is a feature that very few users know about. The platform actually allows hosts to add a special price for anyone who books their property. All you have to do is ask. When selecting a property on the website, You’ll see a button that says “Contact Host”. You can simply message the host and ask them to offer you an Airbnb discount.

Perhaps you’re staying for 4 nights and the weekly discount doesn’t appear, or the place is just a little bit out of your budget. Many a times, the host would rather have you stay for a little bit less, rather than losing the booking. Try sending them a message and ask for an Airbnb discount! It might work out. 🙂

3. Use The Kitchen To Cook For Yourself

One of the best parts about booking on Airbnb instead of a hotel, is that most of the times you get your own kitchen while you travel. Take advantage of this and save money by cooking for yourself. Even if you just eat breakfast and have tea/coffee there and then eat lunch and dinner out, this can save you money for overall stay.

4. Become a Host & Earn Extra Money

Okay, so you’re not actually earning any Airbnb coupon for becoming a host, but you can earn quite a bit of money by renting out your place. If you travel a lot, why not put your place up on Airbnb and earn some extra income? Maybe you have some extra space/rooms/property that you can rent out.

Becoming a host is easy and you can quickly go through the sign-up process. Airbnb will help you through the steps of listing your property like picking a “home type”, “room type”, “occupancy” and the city your property is listed in. Once you’re done, after a verification step you’ll be able to earn an income from Airbnb. They’ll even show you a calculator to guess how much you can list your room / property for and how much you can expect to earn per night, per week, and per month.

5. Share & Get An Airbnb Coupon

Now that you’ve received your Airbnb coupon code and you saved ₹4000 INR from your first booking on the account, it’s time to get your own Airbnb discount codes. All you have to do is share Airbnb with your friends.

Just like I’m sharing with you, you can also email or message your friends and tell them to use your link to sign-up for a new Airbnb account and get an Airbnb coupon. When someone signs up using your code, they’ll get ₹4000 INR and you’ll get a credit as well. How cool is that? It’s kind of like a pay it forward type scenario.

To give your friends an Airbnb coupon and to get an Airbnb coupon yourself, you just have to login to your account, click on your profile picture and then click ‘Account’. On the account page, click on Invite friends and then share that link with your friends.


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